Trouble having an orgasm is more common for women over 50 than it was when they were younger. Lower blood flow to the genitals and decreased estrogen production are the causes. This means that you may need to wait longer for your climax, or else orgasm might not happen at all.


Pepper discusses the most common types of wearable sex toys, and how to use them discreetly.

These changes can be overcome by women and their partners by being creative.

Once considered only for single-use, vibrators and other gadgets can be dynamically improved by a couple’s sexual play. This will help both partners reach the “Big O.”

This statement might not be new to some readers. A survey was conducted by The Normal Bar (I’m one!) This year, more than 50% of those over 50 used sex toys as a couple or individually. They don’t know what ones to try, so I suspect the others aren’t using them. Here’s my non-primary primer on sex toys to fill in that knowledge gap.

Good vibrations

Since the late 19th century, a variety of vibrator versions have been available. They are either plugged-in or battery-powered. The device stimulates nerves directly, activating those not responding to other methods. There are many sizes and shapes of vibrators, some even lifelike. Many models have adjustable vibration speeds, which is a vital feature for sensitive skin.

The most well-known vibrator is the rabbit. It has been selling steadily since Charlotte fell in love with a combination vaginal and clitoral stimulator in Episode 9, Season 1 in Sex and the City, 1998. The clitoral stimulator portion looks like a pair bunny ears.

The pocket rocket, which is designed for external use, measures four inches in length and can be tucked into a purse. Also, the G-spot stimulator (a vibrator or dildo that curves upwards at the end to reach nerve-rich G’spot on the roof, of the vagina) are two other popular vibes. There are also buzzing and non-buzzing dildos, which are penis-shaped items that can be inserted into a woman’s genital area. These can be combined with a lubricant to supplement intercourse. This is especially useful if the male partner has inconsistent or erections.

Add a ring to it

Let’s suppose you are a man and want to get in the spirit of things. Would you consider a penis-ring? These rings are often found near condoms at a pharmacy and are less popular than they sound.

The ring is made with a softly expanding band that wraps around the base. A small button activates the vibrator, which can be used to massage the women’s clitoral region during an intercourse. The penis ring can be worn with both the male and female heads. This stimulates both of them simultaneously, allowing for more blood flow to the penis.

The C ring is another popular toy for older men. It fits around the penis and the stomach and can be worn before or after an erection to increase the quality and length of the experience. It is important to remove the C ring after an orgasm.

These gadgets relieve the pressure from performance. They could also improve your relationship. Research has shown that couples who try something new often feel closer to each other. They are also fun. For couples who have a sense for humor, the remote-control vibrator is a great choice. It is sewn into pants and sends out quiet vibrations throughout the clitoral region. This is a great antidote to any deadly-dull dinner party!

Be smart

Wow, there’s so much to explore!

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