Men’s Guide For The Best Luxurious Watches

If you’re looking for a luxury watch of high quality, here is our list.

These timepieces won awards, while others have features that you would associate with the most expensive watches. Prices range from around PS100 to watches that cost thousands of pounds. We hope to show you that fancy features and watches that will last for decades are not expensive.

The top 10 watches guide features many of the most prominent names in Japanese and Swiss watchmaking such as Omega, Citizen, and Rolex.

1. Seiko 5 – PS200-PS350 (various styles)

Although you won’t find the most expensive watch in the world for PS200, you can still get a quality watch that has many of the same features as big-name luxury watches. You will also find a similar design to the Rolex Submariner, which costs around PS5000.

Japanese companies such as Seiko have a reputation for accuracy and quality, but they don’t have the same prestige that Swiss watches.

The Seiko 5 is an automatic watch that we found to be the most affordable. This means that it doesn’t need batteries and can be powered by your own movements (a feature most watch geeks love). It’s water-resistant to 100m so it can be used in a swimming pool, but not diving. The 100m rating does not reflect how deep you can go. ).

The crystal on the front of the watch (the dial) is made out of mineral, rather than the stronger sapphire used in more expensive watches. But, it’s only PS200.

2. Citizen Eco Drive – PS150-PS400 (various models)

This Citizen watchis an innovative hybrid that is both a highly accurate quartz watch and doesn’t require a battery. You can choose one of these features, even if you have a chronometer watch for PS10,000.

It is powered by a solar panel (the Eco Drive) on the watch face. Thanks to ‘Atomic Timekeeping, it can be called the’most precise watch in the world’. It doesn’t matter if other watches are out of date by a few seconds every week. It’s not really important, but it’s still a very attractive feature.

It is manufactured in Japan, not Switzerland which is the center of world watchmaking but still a country that is known for producing high-quality timepieces.

The sapphire crystal makes it very durable and resistant to scratches. It has a 200m water resistance rating, which is higher than the Seiko 5 and should be suitable for diving.

3. Tissot Le Locle – PS495

Tissot watches are among the most affordable high-quality Swiss brands. Their cheapest models start at PS100. You will need to spend around PS350-PS700 if you are looking for luxury features.

I chose one of their Le Locle watches. This range is named after the Swiss village they are made. You get an automatic watch that doesn’t require winding up (and doesn’t require a battery), and a tough synthetic sapphire face (the ‘crystal, if you want to get more technical).

It has a leather strap, which is a departure from most other watches on the list. For a more traditional look, you can wear a watch with a steel strap for work and a leather strap for evening wear. It can be worn whenever you like in the real world.

Although it is water-resistant to 30m, this doesn’t mean that you can dive to depths of 30 metres. It would be best to avoid getting it wet.

4. Rado Centrix – PS895

Swiss brand Ro makes both Quartz and Automatic watches. I think they have some very nice designs that have personality and don’t look too odd.

I personally like their Centrix and True ranges for men, so this is the one I chose. Although it’s a quartz model which may not appeal to everyone, it’s made with a strong sapphire crystal so it won’t scratch your display for five minutes.

The model is only water-resistant. I would not recommend it for swimming unless you are willing to risk your life.

5. Gucci Timeless- PS650

I hesitated a little before including Gucci in this best watch guide. Some watch enthusiasts prefer brands that are more known for being watchmakers than fashion labels. The designer label is undoubtedly expensive and often doesn’t offer the same features as a watchmaker’s automatic movement.

Gucci is a leading brand in this large segment of the watch market, with stylish designs and good build quality. Their watch designs are more eccentric than traditional watches, which makes them appealing to modern men who don’t want to be like the rest with their familiar Omega, Rolex, or Tag Heuer designs.

Gucci watches are made in Switzerland by Gucci, which is an added attraction and is considered a badge of honor.

6. Tag Heuer Formula 1 – PS1495

Tag Heuer watches tick all the boxes for me. They a) consistently win prestigious awards; b) have a legacy as a fine Swiss watchmaker; c) their prices start at prices comparable to a week’s vacation rather than a semi detached house in Middlesbrough (see Patek Philippe at bottom of page).

They have a wide range of watches that they sponsor Formula One. This will appeal to motor racing enthusiasts who enjoy discussing downforce and diffusers.

There are and other Tag Heuer Formula One watches that start at less than PS1000. But if you’re looking for a more elegant automatic watch (as opposed a quartz watch that uses a battery), then I recommend something similar to this.

A sapphire crystal is another quality feature. This means that the front of this watch is more durable than Ray Winstone. If you are feeling adventurous, it is water-resistant for diving.

7. Omega Speedmaster – PS3200

I would personally choose between a Speedmaster or Seamaster if you really want an Omega.

The Speedmaster watch is famously worn by every NASA mission. It has been there to the moon and back.
Since Omega spent a large sum of money (presumably to persuade James Bond to give up his Rolex in mid-90s), the Seamaster watch has been James Bond’s main watch.
You can choose whether your watch should be associated with Buzz (Aldrin) or Bond (Bond). Based on data from Google searches, I believe Seamaster is more popular than the other.

Personaly, I love anything NASA-worthy (remember the space pen?). So I chose the Speedmaster. There are many variations of the Speedmaster and Seamaster.

8. Rolex Submariner- PS5000 new/ used

The Rolex Submariner is the most well-known watch made by the most famous watchmaker in the world. It is also one of few watches that doesn’t suffer a significant drop in value on the second-hand market.

The Submariner was a dive watch, as you might have guessed from its name. However, it is still very popular among those who don’t know where to put a snorkel. The Submariner was James Bond’s watch during the Roger Moore and Sean Connery eras. However, it was sold out by Omega in the mid 1990s, when 007 switched brands to the Seamaster. Today, Bond films can feel a little like an advertisement for global brands…but I digress.

With a history dating back to the 1950s, the Submariner has seen many improvements and tweaks over the years. For example, you can now dive deeper with it. Technically, the majority of Rolex Submariners have chronometers. This means that they have been thoroughly tested by watch geeks in Switzerland over many days. You won’t need to purchase a battery and the watch is automatic, so you don’t have to. It should also last for many decades.

Although it is hard to argue that the PS5000 watch makes a good investment, it has similar qualities in terms of durability, reliability and overall value.

9. Breitling Navitimer – PS5600

As easily as cheese and pickle, the words “Breitling” and “quality” go together as Morecambe, Wise and Lennon and McCartney.

On Saturday, you can go deep sea diving in the water with your Breitling and then fly it around in your jet aircraft on Sunday.

It is not necessary if you are a business strategist who enjoys gardening and wine weekends, but it can give you some assurance that your watch will last.

It will also keep precise time, which is something you can be sure of. This may seem like a remarkable feat for a watch that costs twice as much as a Dacia Sandero. However, Breitling watches can be chronometers. They are sent to Swiss nerds to make sure they don’t lose their time. A radio-controlled quartz watch is more accurate, but what’s the romance with an electronic timepiece when there are clever cogs and springs created by a master chronologist?

If the PS5600 automatic Breitling watches are not for you, then I suggest which is a Breitling Colt. It is about half the price of the PS2750 but is still strong enough to withstand a dive trip.

10. Patek Philippe Nautilus- PS30,000+

Patek Philippe Nautilus, one of the most sought-after watches in the world, is arguably the most expensive of all the watchmakers. The Nautilus has been made since the mid-1970s. It was apparently inspired by the shape and size of a porthole. It was a huge deal at the time that the watch company that supplied Queen Victoria and Albert Einstein was creating a sports watch.

It has all the luxury features that you would expect from a luxury watch. It’s an automatic watch, which is a concern if you pay this much for a quartz timepiece It is waterproof up to 120m so it’s safe for swimming pools.