Do you remember the creaky stationary bicycle that grandma had in her basement? The high-end home gym equipment today is nothing like that. These rowing and treadmill machines are sophisticated that you can take classes online or train with a virtual personal coach from your living room.

A home gym is becoming more attractive than ever as most people are unable to travel outside of their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. This story focuses on the top large gym equipment. We have also written about smaller gym equipment. We’ve also delved into foam rollers.

Steve Uria, the founder of Switch Playground says that if you are training for a hilly event but don’t live near hills or you just want to run hard, this treadmill can “go up to 40 percent incline” where other treadmills only go to 15 percent.

Plus, you have access to NordicTrack’s iFit professional trainers for workouts featuring videos from beautiful locations around the globe. Uria says that the treadmill automatically increases speed or incline so that your trainer can accelerate or climb. All stats are stored so that you can track your progress and monitor your results.

A traditional treadmill can burn more calories than running outside, as the belt propels you forward. This nonmotorized treadmill is recommended by David Juhn (personal training manager at Sky gym), but you will have to do the work.

He says that you can adjust the resistance to create power-development workouts. You can get advanced strength and cardiovascular workouts in a very short time span, while the machine takes up minimal space.

An identical non-motorized treadmill, which is a few thousand more expensive than the Skillmill.

Peloton bikes are a great way to bring the energy of a group exercise class into the comfort of your own home. Recode reports that Peloton had more customers in 2018 than SoulCycle. Harry Hanson, founder, and personal trainer at Hanson Fitness loves the idea of helping clients to get in shape quickly, according to their own schedules.

Users can join a live stream or taped stream to be part of a group workout. This gives them the motivation to work out. It’s a great way of burning fat, releasing endorphins, and feeling amazing all around,” he said.

You can spend more if you are willing to pay for the Peloton Bike+. This bike features a bigger screen that rotates 360° to allow you to follow along with your workouts, adjust the resistance to match your instructor’s program, and integrate with the Apple Watch.

Olson recommends that you have a spin machine in your home gym. “Cycles are great for the cardiovascular system, have no impact, and are knee- and hip-friendly. The bike’s compact design takes up less space than an elliptical or treadmill.

Nick Clayton, personal training program manager at the National Strength and Conditioning Association, said that old-fashioned, wind-powered, air bikes with handles are making a comeback. He says, “You’re pushing and pulling simultaneously, so it’s low impact, but as far working muscles and getting maximum out of any type of interval session, [it] is probably the best bang for your buck.” It’s simple to use, very easy to set up, and has no potential to break down. This makes it a great addition to any home gym.

The ElliptiGO8C, technically a “stand-up bicycle”, is a popular choice for runners who want to stay fit and reduce their stress levels while still getting a cardiovascular workout. For those days when you prefer to work out at home, the stationary trainer makes the 8C a great option.

Isabel Seidel, a running clothing brand tracksmith says that the 8C is perfect for getting in a quality run without the added strain on your joints. To simulate hills, she likes the fact that you can adjust the resistance just like a bike’s gears.

Will Ahmed, the founder of WhoOP, prefers VersaClimber to an elliptical. He says it’s “full-body, high-intensity training” and can be done in 10 to 15 minutes. Matt Withers, facility manager for Definitions Personal Fitness agrees that the VersaClimber can give you “hands-down the best butt-kicking you can get in less than 30 minutes.”

This is because the machine forces you to use the entire body and primarily the largest muscles groups in your body (the lats, legs) which results in a higher demand for oxygen, and thus a higher cardiovascular intensity.

Equinox trainer Or Artzi suggests gym equipment for sale a rowing machine for a low-impact cardio workout. It can still burn fat and engage both your upper and lower bodies. The water-powered models feel more natural than electric ones, she said.

Eric Salvador, Fhitting Room’s head trainer, is a certified indoor-rowing instructor and says that rowers are hands down the most cost-effective way to get a home workout machine. Rowing is a complete-body workout that engages almost all major muscle groups in the body. It is a great way to increase your heart rate and burn a lot of calories by engaging so many muscles at once.

A double-arm cable machine like this NordicTrack one offers many ways to train your muscles using a single piece. Withers claims that cable machines provide a lot of resistance. With adjustable arms, the machine can be pulled from a variety of angles to target multiple muscle groups.

The Bandbell is different from the standard barbell that you would find at the gym. It has bands on either end to hang weight plates or kettlebells. This allows for more muscle engagement in each exercise. Kirk Myers, founder of Dogpound, says that the Bandbell is an exceptional bar for injury prevention, strength training, rehab, or pre-hab. It also forces you to stabilize, which can challenge your core.

A set of kettlebells is also necessary, which many trainers recommend keeping on hand since they can be used for resistance training and cardio training. Colleen Conlon, a personal trainer, loves the Kettlebell Kings competition bells. These bells are made with metal handles, which is a plus for kettlebell training. They are more stable and easier to hold on to.

A squat rack with a barbell that can be used for heavy lifting is the best way to get your home workouts in. Personal trainer Louise Green says that squat racks can be used for lifting heavier weights or powerlifting. It allows her to do everything she would in a gym, and she recently purchased her own. Withers says that the rack is able to slide plates onto the barbell, while the adjustable arms allow for it to rest on the rack.

To save space and money, he recommends this half-rack (with two upright columns instead of four on a full rack). Keegan Draper is a certified personal trainer.MindbodyAccording to, a rack is the best tool for any home gym. He says that these are excellent for deadlifts, squats, and benching. It also makes it easy to store weights and bars.

Kelvin Gary, founder of Body Space Fitness loves sandbags as a weight training tool. He says they are “extremely versatile” and easy to store. You will need to purchase and bring your own sand. You can use the bags for different exercises such as deadlifts, lunges, and squats. He says that you can adjust the handle position to make an exercise feel different by changing your hand position.

Ali Finney, beauty director at Well+Good and fitness director, purchased a microformer after missing out on the cardio-cardio class at NYC’s studio SLT for months. The microformer, which is similar to the mega farmers in SLT and other studios and features a sliding platform with attached handles. It also has straps and straps. This will challenge all major muscle groups.

She says that the compact, spring-loaded carriage makes it possible to perform all my favorite moves in my own home. She says that the carriage and platforms are smaller but she finds it allows her to perform all of my favorite moves without having to leave her house. To get the best in-person experience, she follows the On Demand videos.