Every holiday, we are faced with the task of deciding where to go and what to do. Although you may be fortunate enough to live in a place surrounded by friendly, caring people, that doesn’t mean the stress is bearable.

If you’re traveling in a place that’s anything but friendlier, that’s a different story! Luckily, there are lots of safe and wonderful places to travel to in order to overcome the yearly stressors that we all face. All over the planet, there are loads of scary sites to visit that will really send a shiver down your spine.

From closed, insane asylums in India to ancient castles in England, to open caves and giant icebergs in Norway, the scariest places in the world are many and varied. In fact, the only thing scarier than a haunted castle or a giant junkyard would be to reach out and touch one! Fortunately, the Internet makes it very easy to find anything you could possibly imagine, even spooky stuff that you can only obtain online.

One of the most popular destinations for people who enjoy exploring the scariest places in the World is New Zealand. Home to the iconic Queenstown Hotels, this island paradise is an awesome getaway.

The Queenstown Track is one of the best ways to reach the island, and there are tons of walking trails, mountain ranges to trek through, and beautiful scenery to view from the top of the mountains. If you want to get away from the hustle of the city, you’ll definitely want to hit up some of the Queenstown Lakes for some peace and serenity.

Australia is another popular destination for people who want to get away from it all. With its vast untamed lands and enormous deserts, Australia is a land of great mystery and adventure.

Some of the most popular destinations to explore on the Island of Australia include the Great Barrier Reef, which is probably one of the scariest places on Earth and surrounds the Great Barrier Reef with over two hundred thousand marine animals including more than two hundred sharks. Other popular places include Australia’s Wonderland, which is the largest museum in the world and is filled with exhibits on life, nature, and the universe.

The United States is home to a plethora of scary places. Although some are a lot scarier than others, there is no denying the fact that the United States is full of haunted places. Some of the more popular haunted places in the country include the Union County Jail in Alabama, where a deadly snake attacked an inmate and led to his death; the Devil’s Den in Georgia, where a family was brutally murdered; and the Menes house in New Hampshire, where a six-year-old girl died and her grieving mother constantly visited the house to feed the ghost.

Apart from this popular haunted house in Ohio, there are also other less scary places in the US such as the haunting of Sleepy Hollow, a haunted house situated in Massachusetts. This haunting came to light when a group of tourists stayed at the Inn and the haunted house was supposedly haunted.

People who love the night and would like to get into the darker mood can visit around the world’s spookiest cities to experience their own versions of urban legends. The cities with the scariest Places include London, where the Ghost Hotel is a place where you can feel like a person is trapped forever, and haunted places such as the Claddagh pub where famous lovers drank and fought each other; the city of Las Vegas, where the dark secrets of the city were exposed in one of its darker parks and the Promenade; and New Orleans, which was the location of one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the United States.

Other interesting cities with spooky locations include Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland; and Paris, which is the capital of France. Some other fun locations include San Francisco, California which is the home of the original hippie community, and the City by the Bay, where the famous photographer Robert Capotiento documented the effects of the Plague on San Francisco.

For those who want to enjoy a full day of fright, the scariest places in the UK also have plenty of things to offer. If you want to visit the Cheshire Catchers, a historic amusement park in Leicestershire; you can reach it by train and catch a flight to the nearest airport and thus continue with the rest of your journey by road. The same applies to the Alton Towers, which is located in the stunning county of Alton.

The longest tunnel in the UK is the Victoria and Albert tunnels, stretching for two miles below ground and is so long that it took more than a hundred years to build. Other fascinating locations include Harrow in London and the Cheddar Caves in Cheddar, which boast the longest running underground railway in the world.

If you are wondering where the hell is because you cannot find a suitable hotel in Japan to stay in comfort, then you would not be alone. The first thing to do before you begin your trip is to plan your itinerary so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

In fact, one of the scariest trips is not necessarily to places with supernatural or scary appearances; rather, it could be to a place that offers comfort, convenience and an all-round easy-going attitude.

For instance, you can catch a flight to the nearest airport and therefore continue the rest of your journey by road. In fact, if you have the means to get to some of the remote areas of Japan, that is certainly the better option, especially as the country’s bureaucracy is notoriously difficult to navigate.