Many business owners complain that they need more visitors to their website. Every platform has its advantages, but there is one that many businesses seem to overlook and truly need: YouTube. YouTube is a great platform for businesses that aren’t comfortable producing video content. However, the benefits to your business from YouTube are undeniable.

You are seriously missing out if you don’t use the platform.

No longer are the days of a few Facebook updates and a tweet here or there sufficing. Online presence requires more than just a few posts and tweets. It must be strategic. It’s not worth posting random content. Soon you will realize how much time, money, energy and resources you put into digital marketing are wasted.

A well-thought-out YouTube strategy can make a huge difference for your brand. YouTube is free and you can make videos cheaply and even for free if you need to. Making videos does not require a huge production. A quality smartphone and lighting will do the trick most of the time.

You know making videos is possible. But what advantages does it have over other content types? These are seven YouTube benefits for your brand.

1. Posting on YouTube will help people find you on Google

YouTube is now owned by Google. You may have noticed that YouTube videos appear more often in Google search results than ever before. This is not an accident. YouTube is a great tool to increase your visibility in search results and improve your rankings.

Your goal should be to maximize your online presence. YouTube is a Google product, so it’s even more beneficial to achieve this goal. Google is a big fan of businesses who use their tools. They will most likely give preference to these brands at least in part. This is a great place to start.

Google searches will show you more real estate if it is positive. You can also post YouTube videos to increase your chances of winning. We recommend GetFans for more subscribers.

2. YouTube will expose you to a large audience

And we do meanhuge. These are just a fewImportant YouTube statisticsTake into account:

YouTube has more than 30,000,000 visitors per day. They watch close to five billion videos.
Mobile devices account for more than half of all views, with an average viewing time of 40 minutes.
YouTube offers localized versions in over 88 countries and in 76 languages.
It is second in search engine traffic, behind Google. YouTube’s popularity is growing. Every year, YouTube is more popular.

YouTube is unlike other platforms in that its audience is very diverse. YouTube is used by people of all ages and income levels. They are men and women from all over the world. YouTube is used by many people for entertainment and education. YouTube can be used to achieve your goals, regardless of what brand you are trying to promote.

3. Acquire Qualified Traffic

This is crucial. This is important because you don’t want to get any traffic. Not everyone will buy from you. You need qualifiedtraffic – people who could become leads or customers.

This is often a problem for business owners. It might sound nice to have a million visitors to your website. If it’s just a million hits, and no one buys from you, who cares?

Qualified traffic is essential for your brand. YouTube is a great tool to help you achieve this.

How do you think people find you on YouTube? Your page is not something they stumble upon by accident. They search for something and you appear in the results.

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is used as a search engine just like Google.

You can assume that most people who view your videos are at least interested in your product/service. You should do something to grab their attention and make them a loyal fan.

One example: You might mention a freebie that your subscribers can get when they sign up for your mailing list in your YouTube videos. In your video description, include the link and direct viewers to it.

This is a great way to convert YouTube video viewers to email subscribers.

4. Video Conversion Rates are higher

Research suggests thatVideo content is 12x more likely to be viewedText is easier to read than text. We might also be processing videos up to 60,000 times faster that text.

Videos can also evoke emotions like no other online content. Videos can inspire you to think and feel. Videos that make you feel and think are more likely to be remembered than the videos themselves. This is more than what can be said about most types of online marketing.

Videos are a great way to humanize your brand. Videos bring your brand to life. They make it more dynamic and interactive. Videos are a great way to build authority and trust for your brand.

Videos are essential if a brand wants to connect with people. Videos capture our attention more than text and images, it is clear.

5. You can use YouTube ads to reach a larger audience

YouTube’s robust advertising platform is another benefit. This is not your typical paid advertising. It works through Google Adwords.

You probably know how many people spend how much time on YouTube. Imagine your ads being shown to qualified viewers, who might turn into leads or customers. YouTube’s organic traffic is extremely powerful. Paid traffic can bring you a higher return on your investment. You may also need to pay for traffic on social media sites that are becoming increasingly saturated and competitive. However, it is so worthwhile.

YouTube is similar to Facebook when it comes to delivering ads to the right people. YouTube is different from other platforms and — gasp! YouTube ads are more interesting than TV and radio ads. They’re focused on topics that interest them.

6. YouTube videos can be repurposed in many ways

It’s more than just what you post to your YouTube channel. You don’t have to stop there. They absolutely don’t need to.

Another benefit of YouTube is the variety of ways you can use it. You can share your videos on your social media platforms. Videos are a great way to increase traffic and engagement in your social media channels, as they capture more attention and last longer.

This is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel and to collect more subscribers.

Your videos can be embedded into your blog posts and static web pages. This will keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time, and you are correct. This is not something to take lightly. It’s not always easy to increase your bounce rate or keep people on the site for a longer time.

If that is your goal, embedding video may be the solution.

Important note: Your posts on other platforms get buried and may never be seen again as you keep sharing more and more posts. YouTube is different.

It works as a search engine. People can find you if they are searching for the videos you have created. This is a huge win for your brand.

7. Videos are better at getting people to take action

It is important to include a call-to action (CTA), in your social media posts, blogs, or other digital content. CTAs are proven to be more effective in getting people to take action than content without one.

Your YouTube videos are no different. Videos can be even more effective than other content in getting viewers to take action.

We don’t think more viewers are bad. If you can’t convince them to do something, they might not turn into followers. YouTube videos are a great way to do this. SomeResearchAccording to some studies, a combination of a video and a call-to action can result in 380% more clicks than a regular one.

This is a powerful idea! This is a powerful way to get your viewers to set a goal. Are you asking them to sign up to your newsletter? Do you want them to like your Facebook page? Use a coupon code to shop?

No matter what your goal, a YouTube video with a concise CTA and a short description might be the best option. Keep in mind that you are not creating content just for the sake. It is a tool. It should have a purpose. It should be able to bring about measurable changes in your online presence.

Videos generate more traffic, stay there longer and can tell traffic what to do. It’s a win/win situation.

YouTube videos are a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. If your brand has not joined Team YouTube yet, you should do so as soon as possible! YouTube’s benefits are clear: It pays to invest time and resources in YouTube.

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