RAID Shadow Legends was released in January of this year. However, it has not disappeared from the mobile gaming scene. Plarium’s Gacha-themed game has gained in popularity over the years and is supported by a passionate community. Although a lot has been accomplished since the game was released on the Play Store it is still possible to get started right away.

This crash course for beginners is for you if you want to get involved in the RAID: SL craze. Perhaps you have already tried the game but weren’t satisfied with your results. This guide may be able to help. It won’t replace hours of dedicated gameplay but it will help you to know where you are going.

Q: Are You able to play Raid: SL Free of Charge?

A: raid shadow legends do not offer F2P players an opportunity to compete. However, this does not mean that you cannot have fun while spending money. It’s not likely that you will be able get anywhere in the arena if you don’t invest any money.

No matter how much you decide to invest, you will often find yourself in a situation where you need to purchase one item over another. It is possible to spend less if you have clear priorities. This is why we recommend these:

The Mine

Upgrade the mine is a must-have for any P2W player who has long-term goals. The mine will be fully paid for in 100 days, even though you have to spend 1,500 Gems.

The Market

You will receive no less than five blue shards per calendar month and occasionally a decent artifact. To upgrade, you will need to spend 250 Gems.

The Sparring Pit

Although this building is not your first priority, it offers idle XP so it’s worth it long-term if you have the Gems.

Energy Refills

Energy, like in many Gacha games is both one of the most valuable resources and one of the most limited. You may need additional Energy to upgrade great heroes or take part in an event. This is a good place to spend Gems if your 3 upgrades are complete.

Q. How to Manage Your Heroes

A: As we’ve already covered your first rare hero selection in another guide, let’s now talk about your future lucky draws. Uncommon and common heroes will eventually become XP food. However, rare (blue) heroes are slightly more difficult to manage as you will need them to advance through the early games. However, you will keep very few by the end of the game.

If you look through the tier lists, you will find some Rare champions that are just plain awful. For legendary champions, you should keep only one copy in your vault. All subsequent copies can be used as XP food.

There are also a few low-level Rare champions you can use to progress in campaign missions (such a Kael). These champions are worth upgrading if you feel it is necessary to advance in the game. You should also remember that they will be replaced later on so it is not worth spending a lot of money to upgrade them.

A few rare heroes can be kept until the end of the game and should be upgraded as appropriate. These are Athel and Coldheart, Hyria and Doomscreech as well as Executioner, Apothecary and a few other rare heroes. They are keepers of purple and legendary champions, it is obvious!

Q. How to Prioritize Energy Uses

A: When you start a new video game, your Energy reserves will overflow, giving you the impression that you have more energy than you can use. This is not true. You will need to set clear goals and be careful about how much Energy you use. Before you embark on a mission, or organize an event, ask yourself if the Energy you are about to expend will be worth it and, if yes, how much.

The best ways to spend energy in the early stages of the game include:

  • All campaign maps won with 3-star victories in all difficulty levels
  • Your best champions can be made into 6 stars
  • You can equip your champions using basic gear from the brutal campaign missions.
  • 6-Stars Ascensions
  • Basic jewelry can be purchased here
  • Mastery.

End-game jewelry and gear are important but you shouldn’t buy them unless you have a strong team of champions who have been upgraded. It is worth farming Minotaur to get 1 st level. However, unless your verystrong comp is available, higher tiers should be reserved for later.

Q. What are the top Starter Hero Comps for?

A: RAID: Shadow Legends’s fun aspect is its tactical nature. You will find that almost all encounters require a certain team composition. This allows players to strategize to their hearts’ content. You won’t have many options when it comes to champions as a beginner. You can still do basic team comps for the moment:

Campaigns with High AoE

To complete most campaign missions, you only need one hero with high AoE and low cooldowns. It might be worthwhile to invest in a legend hero early on, as this will make your campaigning easier.

Offense/Defense/CC in the Arena

The arena will determine which team you choose to use. You should focus on Offense if you have a team of heroes that can defeat the enemy team before their turn begins (such as a good starting hero +Diabolist, Spirithost and a strong AoE). You will need heroes who can withstand the speed boosts and tanks of the enemy team.

Burn for Clan Bosses

Participating in Clan Boss battles is a completely different experience. We have created a separate guide to help you. However, it is a good idea to use one HP burn hero with several poisonous and a verygood healing.

There is much more to RAID: Shadow Legends. From gear to legendary champions and other PvE/PvP challenges, there are many things you can say. It’s best to not try to learn everything at once. You’ll gain valuable experience and knowledge by the time the game ends. Make sure you don’t spend too much time trying unsuccessfully to master the game with your smartphone. Instead, play RAID Shadow Legends on BlueStacks. We’ll be grateful for it!