Skyrim was a game I played for 363 hours. The game is amazing, but things like the visuals and user interface can become dull over time. I was overwhelmed by the Steam Workshop of mods and didn’t know where to start.

Skyrim is not the only game that has hundreds of thousands of players. There are many things like weapon packs, user-made quests and more populated charts. I was struck by this thought: What are the greatest mods? It’s not just Skyrim.

Mods: Where do you start? Mods include complete conversion mods that can be used to completely change the game’s interface. This could add new experiences, visual enhancements, characters, and more. It is also based on influence.

What did these mods do to change the gaming landscape? This is not a small field. To make things easier, I compiled a list of the top 20 mods.


Skywind is our first mod, which is a complete conversion mod that makes Morrowind feel and look like Skyrim. It was initially a visual mod that I assumed would only be for Morrowind lovers. The creators are actually planning to build Morrowind entirely from scratch using Skyrim’s toolkit. Talk about ambition.

Skywind isn’t yet released, but it deserves a place for its ambitious ambition. It is amazing to see the trailers for the “new” gaming world. The team seems to be working on audio so we don’t know when it will actually release. It will be released whenever it happens, and I cannot wait.

Total War in the Third Age

This mod was fun back when I was a kid. It’s a complete conversion mod for Medieval II Total War, changing all locations and units to the Lord of the Rings universe. Wondering if 5,000 Hobbits could take down Sauron’s army? Do you want to win the war against the armies in Mordor?

This mod is worth checking out. You can create custom battles and scenarios (iconic battles based on the movies and books) and take part in the War of the Ring campaign. Third Age is a great place to start if you love Lord of the Rings and Total War.

Darth Mod for Total War

DarthMod Productions has created a series called Darth Mod to improve Total War Games. Vanilla builds are great, but Darth Mods bring great new features to the game, such as new music and tons of different units.

It gives life to older games. Although Empire: Total War 2010 received mixed reviews, I challenge you to give Darth Mod a try. It’s completely different!

Game of Thrones II: Crusader Kings

Crusader Kings II and Game of Thrones are both my favorite shows. I have spent hours on both franchises so it’s no surprise that I love them both. Crusader Kings II places you in charge of the head of a royal dynasty. Your task is to advance your dynasty’s position in medieval Europe.

This is done by creating strategic marriage alliances, spying, assassinating, and warfare. This is just a regular Tuesday for Game of Thrones. You can play as any of the great houses or the Night’s Watch or Jon Snow. You can alter the story by assassinating the villains and advance your dynasty.

Star Wars: Galactic Warfare

Galactic Warfare is our first Star Wars entry. It trades in Call of Duty 4’s Middle Eastern setting to famous Star Wars locations. You can choose to play as either a rebel or an alliance and gun each other in classic settings such as the Mos Eisley spaceport.

This is the perfect game for Star Wars and Call of Duty fans. It’s also smaller so you won’t see the epic battles of Battlefront.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer

Skydiving, using your grapple hook and hijacking a fighter jet, then bombing an enemy oil depot is what’s best! It’s even better when you do it with your friends! Just Cause 2 multiplayer is reminiscent of the original Grand Theft Auto multiplayer mods. It brings together over 1,000 players to one server.

Although the map is large, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of tricksters looking for the next big boom. This is a great place to have serious fun with your friends, learn new types of mayhem, and blow things up.

The Nameless Mod

This mod is for you if you are a huge Deus Ex fan like I am. The new Deus Ex titles featuring Ada Jensen are not my favorite. They are my favorite titles. I’ve spent hours on them. But something about the original feels like home.

This is why I was so excited to discover The Nameless Mod. This mod takes place in a totally different city with completely different characters and great dialogue. This mod is perfect for anyone who has been contemplating reliving Deus Ex, or just wants to try something new.

Nehrim: At Fate’s Edge

Another Elder Scrolls mod menu called Luna. Nehrim takes the player to a new world. Nehrim was created by twelve people and allows you to play as three distinct races while exploring new cities and towns.

There is a new campaign so there’s always something to do.


NeoTokyo was developed by Studio Radi-8 in 2009. It takes the player to a fast-paced, near-futuristic NeoTokyo. It is compatible with the Half-Life 2 framework so you can be sure it will work well. It shares the same engine with Half-Life 2’s engine; it couldn’t be simpler.

NeoTokyo is a fast-paced, difficult shooter that requires quick thinking. If you are able to master the gameplay, you will be able to play multiplayer with your friends in a sweet, futuristic techno future inspired by Ghost in the Shell.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories

Enderal, much like Nehrim is a complete conversion of an Elder Scrolls game. Enderal was created by SureAI’s small team. It features a fantastic fantasy quest with a cast of characters. The game will introduce you to a completely new world with new characters and locations.

This reminds me a lot of the Gothic series’ look and feel. This is the game for you if you are looking for that gritty feel. The game is also like Gothic.

Have you ever thought of getting killed by a rats? It’s possible in the beginning. It’s also extremely rewarding. Skyrim’s engine is a great tool for gamers looking to improve their gameplay.

Portal Prelude

This official prequel is Portal, the 2008 smash. Three people developed it. Is it these super-talented individuals, and their ability to transform the gaming industry? It’s amazing!

The test subject is Abby. The player assumes the role and participates in 19 trials with the portal gun.

This is a must-see if you are as infatuated with Portal’s gameplay as many others were. There are hundreds upon hundreds of lines of dialogue and advanced maps.

Multi Theft Auto

We were still reeling from GTA: Vice City in 2003. Multi Theft Auto is the mod that finally answers the age-old question, “What if Grand Theft Auto could be played in multiplayer?”

Originally called Grand Theft Auto III, Alternative Multiplayer. Multi Theft Auto took all the fun of GTA games and let players play together in Grand Theft Auto III or Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released, which added content and made the game even more powerful. This is because of its influence on gamers and game designers. This was the precursor to GTA Online, which we now take as a given.

Team Fortress

You did read it correctly. Team Fortress was originally a Quake mod from 1996 that was later used by Valve for their 1999 release. This led to the creation of the highly influential Team Fortress 2.

All the building blocks of what we know today are here: an adversarial rock-paper-scissors style of gameplay, different classes and, of course, a blue and red team. The simple multiplayer mod of Quake would eventually make Valve almost billions of dollars.


DayZ is based upon ArmA2, an accurate military simulator/shooter on PC. DayZ’s developers took ArmA2’s framework and made it their own. This created a completely new game. You are dropped into a rural landscape filled with zombies and other nefarious characters.

This mod was a huge success in 2012. This mod was a huge success in 2012. It is known for its permadeath (you die, everything goes away, there are no retakes), extreme difficulty, limited resources, and the intense interactions between players online. To make it run, you had to download third party clients. However, it was finally released as a standalone title.

Warning: This game is all about survival, not running or gunning. There will be many deaths. You must be stealthy, smart and quick. Have fun hunting!

Modifications made by the Sith Lords to Content

This mod is essential for fans of Knight of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This mod takes the second game of the series and adds lots of cut content that didn’t make it into Knights of the Old Republic II : The Sith Lords.

This will satisfy any KOTOR II gamer who is unhappy about the lackluster quests or ending. Knights of the Old Republic are often cheap and on sale. You should play both games if you don’t already. For a more complete, cohesive experience, download the restored content.

Long War for XCOM

XCOM Enemy Unknown, a tactical turn-based shooter, is addictive. It pits you against the bloodthirsty hordes alien invaders. You can acquire new weapons, armor, or other items throughout the game to help take back planet Earth. Long War brings nuance and detail into an already highly-acclaimed game.

It takes the difficulty and turns them into 11. It lives up to its name, making the game longer. This mod is a solid addition to a game already rated 9/10.

The Dark Mod for Doom 3

The Thief games from Looking glass Studios, which were released in the 1990s and 2000s, are a favorite of mine. It was a fantastic series of stealth games, which really stressed sound and shadow, which was something that was groundbreaking at the time.

Doom 3 is here with its gritty graphics and dark shadows. Dark Mod places you in the shoes of Garrett, the beloved snarky criminal, and uses the Doom 3 engine to improve the visuals. Everything looks beautiful. As you sneak into a guild to steal all of the loot, you will be fully immersed in the surroundings. This is a great piece of art for Thief lovers.


This is one the most innovative multiplayer mods ever created. After years of playing Half-Life, I didn’t realize Counter-Strike was a mod. This multiplayer blockbuster pits terrorists against counter-terrorists.

This game was a precursor to other great shooters in the 2000s, such as the Battlefield games.

I have spent many nights talking to trash with strangers and friends, trying defuse bombs or getting headshots. This is a great tradition, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive continues the tradition.

Black Mesa

This is quite an accomplishment. They recreated the original Half-Life 2 game.

It took eight years but it was worth it. Black Mesa is a new way to enjoy the classic tale of Gordon Freeman’s wild adventures at his new job. It is easy to be addicted to a classic game using the reliable Source engine.

Garry’s Mod

It is the king mod. Garry’s Mod defies all possible descriptions. It is unbridled chaos at it’s best. You can use all the Valve assets to create worlds, scenarios and characters. It can create almost anything. It’s a place of fun, destruction, laughter, and creation.

One time, I was able to tie a whale to a bus. Garry’s Mod hosts multiplayer games. There are great deathmatch servers and capture the flag games. Garry’s Mod is the #1 spot for creativity.


It’s there. These are the 20 best game mods. Although it wasn’t easy, it was definitely satisfying. These mods can be purchased anywhere and add hours of enjoyment to the games you already love.